Retail ,Interior & Marketing Consulting

Retail Consulting

I grew up in family’s retail business so you could easily say retail is in my blood. But I also learned a lot since I opened Simplicity Décor over 12 year ago. I accumulated and gained mountain of knowledge and first hand experiences in running my two stores. Looking back I realized that my background in law help me be more detail oriented and follow policies and regulations. Others also said that I have an eye for selecting unique products and put them together as visual merchandising presentation.


Beyond that I found that I love marketing and promotion and find ways to create a relationship with my customers and community far beyond just selling my products, this resulted in many awards given to my businesses both local and national.

If you are thinking about starting your own business and need help, please consider my consulting service as I could help guide you from the start to get you up and running and create a successful profitable business of your dream. Feel free to contact me here.

Interior Design Consulting

I love colors and designs since a very young age but not until I opened Simplicity Décor that people to notice and asked me to help them. I have been developing a strong sense of space, colors, texture and composition and enjoy helping my clients to create their beautiful and comfortable spaces of their own.

I believe that your space need to represent who you are and what you believe in.

Either you need new color wall, new furniture or want to remodel a kitchen, bedroom or the whole house, I can help!


Just shoot me an email or contact me here.

Marketing Consulting

When I found myself reading marketing books during my vacation, I knew I was in for something. I realized that I love solving problems and connecting dots. Creating promotional events or simply market myself and my businesses in the community was not only fun but rewarding (and results in many good friends too)

I would like to use my many years of knowledge and experiences to help you grow your business through marketing, social media, community outreach and promotional events.


If you think i may add values to your business in this area, please don’t hesitate to hit me up here.