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Updated: May 30, 2018


I have been thinking about writing something (useful) for a while now but the guy on my left shoulder always whispering to my ear that I was not ready for that or no one want to read what I will write or better yet, no one care. I mistakenly listening to him for a long time but today is different. I decided to start writing and sharing what I have learned in the past almost half a decade even if I will be the only one who read it.

I believe that I, same as all of you, am unique and special individual. I have my own stories to tell and only me that able to tell because they are my stories. So at least once a week, I will write about what I learned, what inspired me, what I found interesting to share with you and the world from my own perspective in hope that we all can learn about them together and as the result, make our world a bit better than before or to start a positive dialog or just simply keeping in touch with you all.

But I need your help by holding me accountable, give feedbacks or comments, share your thoughts or better yet, ask questions. So could you please subscribe to this blog and you will receive a notification when the new one comes out.

So you may ask, what is IN- Blog?... My hope that this will be a blog that you will find Inspired, Interesting, Inform and maybe Intrigue, Innovative, have some insight and even may comes from your inner-self, so....are you IN? #new #INblog #asuraphong

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