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Is it really matters!

it it really matters

I have to deal with someone at the moment that so intense and picking on all little things. I felt resentful toward that person at first but then it was like God turns the mirror to me and I was shock to see myself in all of these.

I realized that I am that person sometime without knowing it. It must be awful for someone to be dealing with me. I felt bad for my partner (Doug) and others that I interacted with like that customer service on the phone, I yelled at the other day.

Now I realize, I shouldn’t waste my time and energy to sweat the small stuff or giving it a minute of my life to dwell on those nonsense thoughts or feelings. I would be doing myself and others a good service to forget about those insignificant things that I once thought it’s such a big deal or if I didn’t defense it, I lost my control. Instead, I rather choose to be kind, caring and showing God’s love through me.

Until the next test, I determine to pass.

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