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How to quite your mind?

Nature is the best way to quite your mind

With all information that tried to sneak into my head in all directions, I found it very hard to have a quite mind. But since I moved out to Fall City a few years ago, I created new habits that help tame my busy mind, here they are

1. Nature is the best medicine: I am fortunate to live in such a beautiful space that surrounding by lot of trees and greeneries. One of my favorite things to do in the morning is to sit and read by the window looking out or sit outside when it gets warmer. All different shade of greens and fresh air help decrease noises in my head. Walking my dog is also another way I prepare myself for the hectic day awaits.

2. Prepare myself the night before: I found that if I pick out my wardrobe the night before, it help me spend less time in the morning getting ready for work. I also prepare things that I need to take with me so I am not in a rush the next morning.

3. Read and reflect on what I learn: I tried to wake up early so I have time to read and reflect what God spoke to me or what I learned from the book I am reading. I also tried to think about at least one thing that I can turn what I just learned into action.

4. Share: I try to share what I learned with others either by create a post on Facebook or in person. I want to not only learn for myself but help others along the way.

Hope this will help you quite your mind as well as it did to me and prepare you for the day ahead.

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